Traveling teddy bear is on the move

Ok, it's confirmed. Traveling with a stuffed teddy bear to raise awareness of domestic violence is working. So far we've been to Norris Dam in East Tennessee, Panera Bread, Red Robin hamburger joint and a couple of other places. When I've put Bear on a counter to get a photo someone almost always comments. That's when I get the opportunity to mention domestic violence.

Who would have thought that a simple teddy bear could make a difference? Where Bear Traveled is certainly getting positive attention. I may have underestimated the impact of the cuddly bundle of fluff. There seems to be a magnetic pull between people and stuffed bears that's impossible to explain.

There is no doubt that Bear is doing a good job. The experience is causing me to wonder what other out of the box ways we could use to raise awareness.

Banner ads, traditional billboards, PSAs, speaking, publishing and promoting books and writing about domestic and sexual abuse are all helpful. (After all, there has to be a reason that you're reading this article right?)

The problem is that many people worldwide are still being abused. This means that we have a lot more work to do. I believe that the work begins with each one of us. Who we tell, how and why will make a difference toward alleviating the silent suffering of so many.

I'm using a stuffed teddy bear, my blogs, books and time to get the word out. How can you help?