Pets kill on Fatal Attractions

Guest post of the week by Brittany Booker

There is an old saying about the truth being stranger than fiction and some reality shows drive that point home. A perfect example is Fatal Attractions which features people who keep animals that others would consider inappropriate. I found this show by chance while looking through the free on demand menu of my satellite service from http://www.cabletelevision.net and have been hooked ever since.

Fatal Attractions airs on Animal Planet. As the name implies there are usually fatal consequences to owning these exotic pets. On an episode called The Last Circus a man was driven by a dream to perform as a lion tamer. He found that it wasn't easy to get hired by a circus unless you had some type of inside contact and decided that he would start his own circus act. He bought a baby elephant and developed his own techniques to train her. After this success with the elephant he moved on to lions and tigers.

Eventually he was able to open his own circus and hired other acts to perform in his show. Things went on that way for years and the circus was very successful. As expected with Fatal Attractions there came a day just like any other day when things went bad. During a live show one of the tigers went rogue and ended up killing the circus owner. I've seen other episodes where ownership of snakes, chimps and even crocodiles leads to same results. It makes me wonder why anyone would risk life and limb to own a unique pet.