Buy from Blue Sky Scrubs and donate a hat to a cancer patient

When health care professionals are looking for nursing uniforms their first choice is often Blue Sky Scrubs. The uniforms have extra details that help them to stand out. Not only do they have decorative stitching on the back pockets but they also have identical stitching on the scrub top.

Blue Sky Scrubs Hat
Blue Sky Scrubs isn’t your typical hospital scrub uniform. To help make the tops more flattering they have a tapered waist. The fashionable scrub pants are equally fashionable and are in between a tapered leg and a flare leg. These provide health care professionals with both style and comfort. They are a great way to liven up your professional scrub wardrobe.

Blue Sky Scrubs also make mens medical scrubs. The scrub tops are long enough that they can be tucked in but short enough that they can be worn loose. Their men’s scrub pants are made with wrinkle resistant fabric. They have a single back pocket and a tie in front.

Customers will appreciate the free UPS ground shipping that is available with a minimum pre-tax order of $155. A variety of other shipping options are offered for those who need to receive their orders by second day or overnight delivery.

These are all great reasons to buy your medical clothing from Blue Sky Scrubs but there is another reason to buy from them. Purchasing from this company not only makes you feel good but it can help others too.

For every purchase that you make, a scrub hat can be donated to a person with cancer. A quality product and a chance to make someone smile are two good reasons to consider Blue Sky Scrubs.