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My YouTube channel is about encouragement more than travel or reviews. Overcoming Obstacles airs on Sunday nights at 9pm Eastern, Service Dog Friday is at 12 Noon and product reviews are on Wednesday. Inspirational people are joining us to discuss their challenges. These people are survivors. Past segments include camping and bushcrafting in a wheelchair, living with diabetes, a mom-daughter duo who both have epilepsy and more. You can see all past episodes on my YouTube playlist.

We are booking encouraging people for Fall 2018. The challenges faced can be anything from getting the courage to go job hunting, raising kids, coping with a major life challenge - or the challenge of learning a new skill or hobby.

Have you faced a challenge head on or know of someone who has and wants to share it with others? Email me at gayle@gaylecrabtree.com to get the ball rolling.

Here are some of the great people that we have lined up in July. You'll find them on Sunday nights at 9pm Eastern or on Service Dog Friday at Noon. Click the links to find out more about them.


New Show!! Overcoming the Obstacles on YouTube. #Overcoming

~~~~~ PAST VIDEOS ~~~~~


Wednesday, September 5 at 12:00 Noon
Misty Nights on Overcoming the Obstacles
Beating the odds

Wednesday, September 12 at 12:00 Noon
 Alexandria (Stellarpiper) Overcoming the Obstacles
Music director and musician on
Life with Epilepsy


Sunday, August 19, 9pm
Open Chat on Original Channel
Channel Changes - No topic

Sunday: August 26, 9pm
Open Chat on Original Channel

Sunday, August 12, 9pm
Follow her on Instagram @djtoepaze
College life as an art major at a university

Sunday: August 5, 9pm
Granny Monster
Moving forward as a survivor


Sunday: July 15 at 9pm
Amber Rivers Homestead
The challenges of using solar on your home.

Sunday: July 22, 9pm
Open chat night

Friday: July 27 at 12 Noon
Sam Winter, Vet Tech
How to keep your service dog healthy in the summer

Sunday: July 29, 9pm Eastern
College Tips - Open Chat

Check back for schedule updates as they happen!


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