Watch a video. Change a life. #createnothate

If you could turn the hate rhetoric in the world, would you do it? What if you could donate to help hurting people just by watching a video or by joining a live stream from a fun or interesting YouTube creator? On Black Friday 2017, you can join others to do just that. Creators from across YouTube to join forces to "create not hate" for just one day on Black Friday 2017.

No clickbait, scams, products to buy or boring infomercials. Participating YouTube channels will be donating profits to help homeless people have warm hats and gloves and help other hurting people with other needs.

The #createnothate was created by YouTubers Pet Monster and Monster Chic. It is being championed by Granny Monster. Valerie Reese is a YouTuber who knits hats, packs food into backpacks and does all she can to help people.

We're doing what we can, but we're asking you to do what you can. Visit our livestreams on Black Friday 2017. Search for videos with "Create not Hate" in the title and watch them. Join our livestreams. Join the conversation. Help us make hate go dark on Black Friday 2017 and help us change lives.

That's what this video is all about.

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