Straight Talk wireless cell service offers points

I ditched traditional cell phone service about ten years ago and have been with prepaid wireless phones ever since. The only time that I have felt at a disadvantage is when I'm out of the country. The newer phones allow me to hook onto public wifi and ended that problem.

The prepaid wireless providers that I've used are AT&T, Verizon and Sprint. Of them, the one that I have enjoyed the most and been with the longest is StraightTalk. Choosing a network can be a little tricky. Verizon is just about the only carrier near my home. StraightTalk offers phones on both AT&T and Verizon.

Getting a phone that's not on AT&T can be challenging. Walmart employees have sold me a few phones that were on the wrong network. Looking at the box will tell you which provider the phone works with (at least in this area). The map of the U.S. on the box is the indicator. The blue map indicated AT&T. If the U.S. is in red, the phone is on the Verizon network. Some employees have tried telling me it doesn't matter. However, it does.

Straight Talk has a nice rewards program. I just got $10 a Valvoline oil change. Seeing what's available is as simple as setting up an account when you buy the first phone. After that, just access it under the "rewards" tab to see what coupons, promo codes or discounts are available in your area.

Speaking of promos. Right now, it's possible to earn extra points. Just go to StraightTalk.com to switch. and then enroll in Rewards with referral code (OTYF-74CA). This way, we can both bank 1000 bonus points. That’s a quarter of the way to a free service plan! Plus, the phone service is very reliable.

StraightTalk wireless is more than phone service. They offer hotspots and other services in addition to cell phones. It's been a convenient and economical phone provider for me. The might be a good service for you to have as well.

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