Overcoming Obstacles on Sunday at 7:00 pm Eastern

My new series, Overcoming Obstacles, went live on Sunday. The series is all about overcoming obstacles that stand in our way. I am finding ways to overcome challenges of sexual assault, PTSD, growing up homeless (doubled up), asthma, foot drop, diabetes, an adrenal mass and tons of other health challenges.

Life is meant to be lived. I'm not kicking in the towel and heading for the recliner just yet. There's lots of experiences ahead of me.

Overcoming Obstacles is designed to be interactive. Visitors are encouraged to comment on one another messages to share information. Together, we can each learn tips and techniques that will help us on our journey through life. We can look forward to information, giveaways and guests. We'll laugh and we may cry, but we won't be alone.

The journey continues on Sundays at 7:00 pm Eastern time. Checkout the video below to begin the journey.

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