Making the most

Guest post from: Mohamed Simon
I usually make most of the decisions at our house because I like things done the way I like them. Some people can call that rigid but I guess for me I feel a lot more like I’m just helping things move along at a pace they need to. Sometimes I get worried about whether or not I come off the wrong way when it comes to my kids and husband but I don’t really care since I know they know the true me and understand when I need to just take the reigns. For example, I went to SHOPELECTRICITYRatesTexas.com and signed us up for fixed rate energy without consulting my husband but he was totally fine with it since he trusts me to make good decisions and this was no different than anything else. I also sign everything for the kids and do all the work that comes with that and I love it because I don’t feel like I have to check in first. This is why I started making decisions in the first place!

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  1. Hmm! This type of thing is up to each individual family. This seems to work for you. rcj